Create your own garden with these beautiful tin can flowers. Your effortless “green thumb” will make your garden beautiful all year. 

Flowers are hand painted on the back as well, so they are perfect from any direction. All large flowers are 18 to 19 inches in diameter.

Easy to “plant” ~ flowers are adaptable for wall hanging, garden or flower pot with color coordinated rebar.

Spider Girl - Turquoise


Spider Girl - Merlot


Spider Girl - Terracotta


Seersucker - Fire


Seersucker - Turquoise


Seersucker - Yellow


Seersucker - Red


OZ Girl - Red


OZ Girl - Lime


OZ Girl - Yellow


OZ Girl - Lime2


First OZ Girl - Turquoise


First OZ Girl - Red


Ms American Pie - Fire


Ms American Pie - Fire2


Ms American Pie -  Magenta


Coral Girl


Sassy - Red


Sunflower - Yellow


Sunflower - Magenta


Sunflower - Fire


Hibiscus - Caramel


Hibiscus - Merlot


Hibiscus - Russet


Swirl - Fire


Hibiscus - Buff


Swirl - Pink



Blended - Multi


Moon Girl - Wall





"Go Green" with recycled tin can art!

all images and content © Cindy Patterson  2016